Unique 1st of Virtual Law School:

  • 1st law teaching platform named as Virtual Law School.
  • 1st law teaching platform – developed, established and owned by the Law Professors.
  • 1st institution of legal education establishing a culture of ‘Pro Bono Law Teaching’ among Law Teachers, Retired Judges, Lawyers and anyone who is qualified to teach law.
  • 1st institution of legal education Open for All and taught Free of Cost during national lockdown from April-June 2020 in the times of pandemic corona virus COVID-19.
  • 1st institution which teaches all its courses completely free of cost to a law student who belongs to economically weaker section or is physically disabled.
  • 1st institution of legal education which is non-discriminatory on account of the institutional affiliation of a law student or his/her fees paying capacity.



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South Asian Disability Colloquium 2023

South Asian Disability Colloquium (SADC) 2023 Theme 2023: Disability-Friendly College Campus & Education System Organized by – Virtual Law School, KETAS Education Foundation Event Dates: December 2-3, 2023 (Saturday- Sunday) Submit Entries by- November 20, 2023 ______________________________________ Concept Note 0.1% of students with disabilities are enrolled in primary education in India. The situation is more […]


META LEGAL ROUNDTABLE –One Session- Mini Conference Style (Round the year on a Rolling basis) Online Event | No Registration Fee CALL FOR PANEL PROPOSAL _________________________ Meta Legal Roundtable (MLR) is an innovative online discussion forum that will operate like a ‘One Session- Mini Conference Style’. The basic objective of MLR is to encourage continued […]

Ph.D. (Law) Aspirants Colloquium [June 14-25, 2023]

Colloquium Dates: June 14-25, 2023 [Practical Workshop] 5 Seats Only | 20 hours  _______________________________________________ ABOUT THE COLLOQUIUM Several law graduates aspire to pursue Ph.D. in law every year. These include- young law teachers, lawyers, and even law professionals wanting to pursue interdisciplinary Ph.D. blending law with technology, social sciences, management, public policy and other fields. […]

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