Unique 1st of Virtual Law School:

  • 1st law teaching platform named as Virtual Law School.
  • 1st law teaching platform – developed, established and owned by the Law Professors.
  • 1st institution of legal education establishing a culture of ‘Pro Bono Law Teaching’ among Law Teachers, Retired Judges, Lawyers and anyone who is qualified to teach law.
  • 1st institution of legal education Open for All and taught Free of Cost during national lockdown from April-June 2020 in the times of pandemic corona virus COVID-19.
  • 1st institution which teaches all its courses completely free of cost to a law student who belongs to economically weaker section or is physically disabled.
  • 1st institution of legal education which is non-discriminatory on account of the institutional affiliation of a law student or his/her fees paying capacity.



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Call for Papers- NLUD-LDRN 6th General Conference at NLU delhi

About the Conference: The ever increasing interaction between global legal policy processes and institutions with the domestic ones have renewed the interest of governments, the legal community, policy makers and researchers to examine the role of law and possibilities of reform to meet the objectives of development challenges and inclusive growth. Research in the field […]

National Workshop on Indian Legislatures 2023

National Law University Delhi with PRS Legislative Research is organizing a National Workshop on Indian Legislatures 2023 The two-day workshop will introduce law students to the working of legislatures, in particular law making. Through case studies and role play, the discussion will help students understand the policy questions that legislators need to consider before passing […]

Certificate Course On ‘Mastering Dispute Resolution’

Tittle – “Certificate Course On ‘Mastering Dispute Resolution: How To Become An Arbitrator In India Step-By-Step Guide To Accreditation And Training’ By Abhidhvaj Law Journal & Law Audience Journal [26th March 2023]: Register By 25th March 2023″ Who Is The Organiser? Abhidhvaj Law Journal (ISSN: 2583- 6323 (O)) is to offer an open-access platform where […]

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