Constitutional Law – II (50 Hours)

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This course aims at introducing the student to several methods of construing the meaning of constitutional provisions. The course is designed primarily to assist the student in developing knowledge of constitutional doctrine and to acquaint him/her with the basic legal principles under-girding the Indian Constitutional Law. It is an attempt at finding answers to some of the most basic questions, such as what is a Constitution. Why we need a Constitution?  How is it made? What should it contain? What are the various types of Constitutions? How is it amended?  Can Parliament rewrite the Constitution? Why judicial review is needed? What is the difference between judicial review and judicial activism? What is the current debate about judicial activism v. judicial restraint? Does Parliament have the power not to codify its privileges?


This Course is mostly focused on the learning outcomes: At the end of the course, students should be able to:

  • To make students understand the art of reading and interpreting the Constitution.
  • To equip students in comprehending historical evolution of constitutional doctrines, standards, and tests.
  • To make students examine and analyse the various interpretations given to Constitutional provisions by the Supreme Court of India and the High Courts.

Note: Case List and Suggestive Readings will be provided to the registered candidates only after the commencement of the class.

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Inter-relationship between Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Rights

Fundamental Duties

Indian Federalism

Constitutional Scheme of Distribution of Powers between the Union and the States 

Emergency Provisions

Financial Relations

Trade and Commerce

The Executive

Nature and Extent of Executive Power

Election of President and Appointment of Governor

Ordinance Making Power of the President and Governor

Pardoning Power

The Legislature

Composition, powers and functions of Parliament and State Legislature

Parliamentary Privileges

Law Relating to Defection

The Judiciary

The Supreme Court

Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court

The State High Courts

Judicial Review

Amendability of the Constitution
Any student who is enrolled in a law school or any recent law graduate.
Yes. Don't worry :) Constitutional Law is a very vast subject. You can easily understand Constitutional Law-II even without detailed study of Constitutional Law-I. Our faculty will help you in this process. Doubt clearance sessions shall be conducted (if required & requested).
This is an intermediate level course on Constitutional Law- II Law for law students. This is one of the core and most important subjects of a law course. It will help the law students to effectively cover the syllabus of Constitutional Law as taught in their law schools or law colleges.
Good News :) Yes, each class is recorded and you will have access to recording instantly after the class. Access rights are available till the end of the course.
Classes take place 2-3 days a week and mostly between 4pm to 8:30pm. Days and timings are fixed in consultation with course faculty/facilitator. Kindly check 'Announcement' section in your respective course tab for details and regular updates. You will also receive schedule updates on email and WhatsApp/telegram/signal groups as applicable.
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Hey- we are quite strict on this aspect and we believe you are also looking for a quality education with us :). So, Yes, in order to be eligible for a Certificate of successful participation in the course, there will be an evaluation criteria. This includes: 50% attendance and 50% passing marks in each assignment as would be given by course instructor from time to time. Fulfillment of such criteria will make you eligible for a course Certification Certificate.

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