Pro Bono Law Teaching Hours Policy

The Virtual Law School (VLS) is a new age law school, breaking from the traditional approaches of teaching and learning. We are digital in every sense of our academic exercise, teaching, learning and now empanelment for the pro bono law teaching hours’ donors club policy. However, the institution shall reserve the right to conduct empanelment of any person for pro bono law teaching, when its management may find that necessary so to do.

For the purpose of Pro Bono teaching, we are flexible on rules of eligibility of a candidate as opposed to the appointment guidelines and regulations prescribed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) or any other National Law University or Central University or State University or State Private University. Although, the Virtual Law School has an objective of promoting Pro Bono Law Teaching but we are conscious of the quality of legal education that we aim to provide to our students. Hence, we shall follow a recruitment policy to create a pool of pro bono law teachers who will be empaneled as the Donors of Pro Bono Law Teaching Hours with the VLS.

Hence, we welcome detailed curriculum vitae from all the law teachers, retired judges, lawyers, law firm professionals and any research scholar who has a basic degree of LL.B. as per the regulations of the Bar Council of India. We mean no disrespect to any of the persons who may intend to join us to serve the cause of legal education, but having served legal education for several years, the management of VLS, remains committed to find the course relevant teachers for the students. The teachers shall be subjected to continuous students’ assessment for their retention on the panel of Donors of Pro Bono Law Teaching Hours.

We shall be issuing a certificate to every person who would be taken on board to teach as a ‘Donor of Pro Bono Law Teaching- in times of pandemic Corona Virus COVID-19 in India’ for the teaching season of April- June, 2020.