Founder’s Message

My Dear Law Students of India,

We welcome you to join the new age, India’s 1st Virtual Law School. VLS is open to all the law students of the country irrespective of your university/college affiliation. We have started in the times of pandemic Corona Virus COVID-19 to provide legal education to thousands of law students who do not have facility of attending online law classes. We also understand that not every law student has been able to get admitted to the National Law Universities (NLU) or other leading State Private Universities law colleges/schools for various reasons. As a result, most of you do not get exposed to expert teaching of the NLU Professors or that of the law firm professionals.

Our foremost objective is to cater to the law students’ deficit in legal education in times of pandemic and later to grow as full-fledged law school at par with any law school or college of the country. Legal education has witnessed a severe decline in various forms across the country over the years.

With twenty three (23) National Law Universities being established and offering around 2600-2700 seats as opposed to over 70,000 candidates who appear for Common Law Admission Test, majority of the candidates aspiring to study from the expert law teachers are left out in the process. Besides, the fees of legal education has grown exponentially over the years and it has become a costly commodity affordable by very few in our society. Some other private law schools have crossed this threshold even further and serve only the elite families of this country.

This is really painful. Legal education that prepares us to fight for protecting the Rule of Law, protection of Constitutional liberties and human rights has become unimaginably expensive and almost impossible to access. We are going to breakthrough from such style of imparting legal education. The Virtual Law School is committed in taking legal education to the doorstep of every student who aspires to be a lawyer but can never dream any further for lack of enough financial and other resources. And in the present times, technology has rightfully empowered us in transforming this vision into reality for all the aspirants of legal education. Moving forward, the VLS will conduct regular law classes like any other regular law school of the country, however with flexible teaching and learning hours. We will have our own exclusive course curriculum and dedicated faculty.

We are here to offer you borderless and seamless education at par with NLUs or any other leading private law school of the country. Let us together overcome the financial and geographical barriers which have kept you all away from quality legal education for long. The Virtual Law School has been established under the aegis of ‘School of Commons’ created for every commoner who lacks equal access to education.

Welcome on board in this journey of revolutionizing and transforming legal education and making it easily accessible to all. With us you will be connected with the best of the Law Professors and law firm professionals of the world and grow competitively to face the legal job market tomorrow. Join us, prepare with us and become the 1st Batch Alumni of India 1st Virtual Law School.

Best wishes,
Dr. Nachiketa Mittal
Founder & Director Dr Nachiketa Mittal – Profile