About School


  • To enhance access to quality legal education to those who, cannot afford it due financial or geographical barriers.
  • To promote easy access to legal education for those full-time under graduate students who can only study mostly after working hours.
  • To promote legal literacy for the masses in general.


  • To facilitate law classes for every law student of the country.
  • To ensure continuous legal education even in times of pandemic and any other unforeseen situation when physical law schools become dysfunctional.
  • To bring best legal minds in touch with the students.

Virtual Law School: A New Paradigm for Teaching and Learning the Law

Education in a dynamic process. It continuously evolves and enables us to think beyond the traditional learning and established practices for work and create new things for the next generation. Legal education too has seen a long journey of evolution of far-reaching changes in organization, management, content and delivery. One of the fundamental objectives in this process of transformation is the fulfilment of constitutional mandate to build a social order based on democratic values, protection of human rights and strengthening of the rule of law securing to all of its citizens justice, liberty, equality and dignity. First generation and second generation reforms led by the creation of the National Law Universities (NLUs) was indeed a turning point in Indian legal education, particularly in respect to academic excellence, social relevance and professional competence. However, a noticeable trend has generated a perception that despite bearing a public character, the NLUs have emerged as institutions only accessible to the elite sections of society. The admissions process, fee structures and other entry procedures followed by NLU system is seen to be largely favouring the applicants from wealthy, urban and English-speaking background. We have twenty three (23) NLUs across the country which have been promoting their stature by presenting themselves above the average standards of legal education offered by other more than 1400 law colleges existing in India. However, the gaps in NLUs system of admitting students who can pay heavy fees and having limited seats, is not a long term and viable solution. In any event legal education is in need of a catharsis. This has to be led by a band of the devoted teachers of law who teach out of a passion for public duty rather than for mere money. Where are they? The concept of Virtual Law School is an attempt to fill this gap. The team consisting of professors with rich exposure of quality legal education both in India and abroad have come together to revolutionize legal education by making it more accessible and at very affordable costs to everyone who dreams of becoming a lawyer. VLS is a commitment to serve the cause of access to legal education and our endeavour to discharge our social obligation and academic duty to the nation.

Why Virtual Law School

Virtual learning is the newest and most popular form of education today. Within the past decade it has had a major impact on postsecondary education and the trend is only increasing. There is a shift away from top-down lecturing and passive students to a more interactive, collaborative approach in which students and instructor co-create the learning process. The Instructor’s role is changing from the “sage on the stage” to “the guide on the side.” We invite you to join VLS for following reasons:

  • It offers more flexibility over a traditional classroom learning.
  • We deliver instruction to a geographically dispersed audience at one time.
  • Both the instructors and learners will have rich experience of collaborating with other learners and instructors from around the world.
  • It provides informal atmosphere of learning from the best legal minds for more creative interaction.

Disclaimer: This is purely a law teaching initiative. We are not Registered with the Bar Council of India and Not Recognised by the University Grants Commission. Hence, we are not offering any degree for any course.