Research & Teaching Assistants

Research & Teaching Assistants

We are happy to welcome Research & Teaching Assistants. This position is suitable for candidates who look forward to develop skill set needed to be an effective law researcher and a law teacher. This is also an initiative to promote law teaching as a choice based career option in law. Slowly, we also aim to build a law teachers training institute and this is a initial step in that direction.

In this process of Research & Teaching Assistantship, RTAs work under the guidance of our Pro Bono Law Teachers. They are assigned task of class coordination, making research notes for teachers and we also encourage them to teach few classes under our supervision. What makes this entire exercise worth is that RTAs assist our teachers who are retired judges, senior and mid-senior level law professors of reputes universities, senior advocates, lawyers and scholars from various other fields. Besides, learning the craft of law teaching, they also build a strong professional network with senior members of the bar, bench and the legal academia.

Research Assistants from July- December, 2020

Ms. Surabhi Arora

Ms. Riya Rathore

Mr. Abhinav Goswami

Ms. Supriya Srivastava

Ms. Lavi Singh

Ms. Parnika Agnihotri

Ms. Samanvi Narang

Ms. Charvi Arora

Ms. Soumya Khanna

Ms. Ishita Saboo

Research Assistants from May- June, 2020

Ms. Lakshika Sachdev

Advocate, Supreme Court of India & Bombay High Court.

Ms. Adithi Koushik

Jr. Legal/ Economics Officer, World Trade Organisation (WTO), Geneva

Mr. Albin Anto

Law Graduate from, Co-operative School of Law, Kerala