Law of Evidence (30 Hours)

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The course on Law of Evidence is one of the foundation papers in law. We need to have a fine understanding of the concepts and principles of law of evidence vis-a-vis civil as well as criminal matters. In our legal system where judges’ are neutral umpires who adjudicate over the subject matter of dispute or a criminal case, law of evidence teaches the crucial role played by written and oral evidences. There are various kinds of evidences which will be covered as part of this course to provide a holistic understanding about their distinct application and evidentiary value in the court of law. As part of this course, law students are also exposed to skillset of testing the veracity of the testimony of witnesses during examination-in-chief and cross-examination conducted in the court. This is a unique course in the law curriculum which sharpens the legal understanding, techniques of observation as a lawyer, outlook for details in cases and a habit of reconfirming evidences before presenting to the court.

Welcome to a course exposing you to the theatrics of life, cleverness of human mind, tussle between the law and the law breaker and the charm of a devil’s advocate. 


  • To develop a habit of looking out for finer details of evidence in civil as well as criminal matters.
  • To inculcate a habit of reconfirming evidences and their veracity before presenting to the court.
  • To teach the craft of devil’s advocate in order to foolproof one’s own case against unanticipated cross-examination in the court.
  • To teach the skillset of testing the veracity of the testimony of witnesses.

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Section title

Introduction to the Law of Evidence
1.5 hours
  • Significance of the study of law of evidence
  • Law of evidence as lex fori
  • Law of evidence vis-a-vis civil and criminal matters
  • Drafting of Law of Evidence & History

Theory of Relevancy of Facts
3.5 hours
  • Types of evidence
  • Concept of Proved, Disproved and Not Proved
  • Suit or proceeding
  • Facts in issue
  • Relevant facts

Relevant Facts of which Evidence may be given
12 hours
  • Res Gestae
  • Section 11
  • Sections 7 and 9
  • Motive, preparation and conduct
  • Facts showing state of mind
  • Conspiracy
  • Admissions
  • Confessions
  • Dying Declarations
  • Relevancy of Judgments
  • When are Opinions relevant
  • Relevancy of Character

Burden of Proof
4.5 hours
  • Burden of proof and onus of proof
  • Burden of proof of an accused
  • Specific knowledge of proof
  • Proof of death
  • Burden in case of same relations
  • Burden in case of dowry deaths
  • Burden in certain cases of rape
  • Proof regarding legitimacy

Documentary Evidence
02 hours
  • Public and private documents
  • Certified copies
  • Proof of contents of certain public documents
  • Proof of genuineness of the valued documents

4.5 hours
  • Who are competent witnesses
  • Accomplice
  • Can every witness be compelled to answer every question
  • Examination of witnesses
Any student who is enrolled in a law school or any recent law graduate.
This is a beginner level course on Law of Evidence primarily for the law students. It will help the students to effectively cover the syllabus of Law of Evidence as taught in their law schools or law colleges.
Good News :) Yes, each class is recorded and you will have access to recording instantly after the class. Access rights are available till the end of the course.
Classes take place 2-3 days a week and mostly between 4pm to 8:30pm. Exact Days and timings are fixed in consultation with course faculty/facilitator. Kindly check 'Announcement' section in your respective course tab for details and regular updates. You will also receive schedule updates on email and WhatsApp/telegram/signal groups as applicable.
We are Sorry! This facility is not available at this time. However, in rare cases, the management of the Virtual Law School may permit you to join the next batch or refund the fees after deducting the applicability charges.
You simply need 2 things: functioning laptop/desktop/tablet/mobile with audio video facility; and stable internet connection.
We are quite strict on this aspect and we believe you are also looking for a quality education with us :). So, Yes, in order to be eligible for a Certificate of successful participation in the course, there will be an evaluation criteria. This includes: 50% attendance and 50% passing marks in each assignment as would be given by course instructor from time to time. Fulfillment of such criteria will make you eligible for a course Certification Certificate.

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Duration: 10th Aug - 12th Nov., 2021
Lectures: 6
Video: Live Class
Level: Beginner