Corporate Law-II (30 Hours)

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India has witnessed tremendous growth in the corporate sector in the last few decades. In view of this, it becomes important for students of law and commerce to understand the legal dynamics of the corporate sector. The course covers all important recent developments in this area. The course of corporate law has been specifically designed to provide not only an overview but also an in-depth knowledge about company management including directors and committees, company meetings, oppression of shareholders and reconstruction of company


  • In-depth understanding about different business organisations and comprehend importance of company form of business organisation with its incorporation and administration
  • Learning about company meetings in compliance with SEBI regulations
  • Comprehension of corporate management and governance
  • Learning legal aspects of oppression of shareholders and role of majority shareholders
  • Understanding different restructuring methods for companies
  • Understanding business rescue proceedings and compromises

Note: Case List and Suggestive Readings will be provided to the registered candidates only after the commencement of the class.

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Company Management
06 hours
  • Director- Appointment, Qualifications, Disqualifications, Legal position,
  • Directors as agents, Directors as Trustees, Directors as Managing Partners
  • Are directors employees of the company?
  • Independent Director, Selection of Independent Director, Manner of appointment, Re Appointment, Liability of Independent Director, Compliance with Code of Conduct
  • Board Committees- Audit Committee, Risk Management Committee, Nomination & Remuneration Committee, Stakeholder Relation Committee, Corporate Social Responsibility Committee
  • Related Party Transactions 

Company Meetings
06 hours
  • Meaning & Kinds of Meetings- Shareholders’ meeting, Board meeting, meetings of committee of the board, meetings of debenture holders, meetings of creditors
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Quorum
  • Notice of meeting
  • Extraordinary General Meeting
  • Class Meetings
  • Board Meetings 

Oppression and Mismanagement of Shareholders
09 hours
  • Rule of majority
  • Foss vs. Harbottle & Exceptions to the rule
  • Statutory exceptions
  • Application to tribunal for relief in cases of oppression
  • Power of Tribunal
  • Oppressive Acts
  • Non- Oppressive Acts
  • Oppression of majority shareholders
  • Acts held as mismanagement
  • Acts held as not mismanagement Class Action 

Arrangements, Reconstruction & Amalgamation of Company
09 hours
  • Meaning of arrangement, reconstruction & Amalgamation
  • Buy Back of Shares
  • Takeover Offer under Take Over Code
  • Reduction of Share Capital
  • Difference between amalgamation & reconstruction
  • Reverse Merger
  • Characteristics of a Shell Company
  • Purchase of Minority Shareholding 

Any student who is enrolled in a law school or any recent law graduate.
Yes. Don't worry :) Corporate Law is a very vast subject. You can easily understand Corporate Law-II even without detailed study of Corporate Law-I. Our faculty will help you in this process. Doubt clearance sessions shall be conducted (if required & requested).
This is an intermediate level course on Corporate Law-II for law students. This is one of the core and most important subjects in the field of business law. It will help the law students to effectively cover the syllabus of Corporate Law as taught in their law schools or law colleges.
Good News :) Yes, each class is recorded and you will have access to recording instantly after the class. Access rights are available till the end of the course.
Classes take place 2-3 days a week and mostly between 4pm to 8:30pm. Days and timings are fixed in consultation with course faculty/facilitator. Kindly check 'Announcement' section in your respective course tab for details and regular updates. You will also receive schedule updates on email and WhatsApp/telegram/signal groups as applicable.
We are Sorry! This facility is not available at this time. However, in rare cases, the management of the Virtual Law School may permit you to join the next batch or refund the fees after deducting the applicable charges.
You simply need 2 things: functioning laptop/desktop/tablet/mobile with audio video facility; and stable internet connection.
Hey- we are quite strict on this aspect and we believe you are also looking for a quality education with us :). So, Yes, in order to be eligible for a Certificate of successful participation in the course, there will be an evaluation criteria. This includes: 50% attendance and 50% passing marks in each assignment as would be given by course instructor from time to time. Fulfillment of such criteria will make you eligible for a course Certification Certificate.

FREE 30 mins Career Counselling Session (worth INR 600/-) with this course.

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