CareerRUN is an initiative of Virtual Law School (VLS) and KETAS Education Foundation. In order to help law students strengthen their educational and job portfolio, VLS has launched CareerRUN which aims at providing various services at affordable fees. This will enable the law students and recent law graduates in identifying & developing their career road map of higher education and career prospects in consultation with counsellors at CareerRUN.

Welcome to the world of career choices- exploit your Potential– unleash your Talent and explore the world full of Opportunities.

Dear Students & Graduates
We all face confusion, anxiety, impatience and above all lack of proper knowledge and guidance in shaping our career. Don’t get upset or paranoid about it. Everyone undergoes such challenges and emotional ups and downs. But the Key is to fight it out Soon and finding answers to your problems.

Do you wish to devise a plan for securing your internship and a job seat?

Career counselling enables you to find answers to all these odd questions. Career counselling recharges a person with new thoughts, new perspectives and ability to look beyond traditional boundaries of fewer career choices.

At CareerRUN we provide comprehensive Career Counselling and Assessment Service (CCAS), we encourage all students as well as recent graduates to indulge in self-assessment to plan an actionable career path. Welcome to an exciting place of career consultancy.

Dr. Nachiketa Mittal
Your Career Counsellor

Dr. Nachiketa Mittal

Know Your Counsellor

Dr. Nachiketa Mittal is the lead career counsellor and trainer at CareerRUN-
presently operating from the United States.

Let us take a sneak peek why should you consult Dr. Mittal.

  • Over 13 years of legal academics and industry experience
  • Founder of Virtual Law School & JPAC- law and judiciary preparation online platforms
  • Former Faculty, National Law University Odisha, Cuttack
  • Former Assistant Registrar (Research), Supreme Court of India
  • Former Director, Faculty of Law, Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal
  • Former Dean, United World School of Law, Karnavati University, Gandhinagar
  • Alumnus, National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore
  • Trainee/Intern Alumnus, International Bar Association, London (on Scholarship)
  • Strong & Diverse International Experience: Delivered lectures & Conference Speaker in the US Universities & Institutions – Georgia State University College of Law; Northwestern University School of Law; Loyola University Chicago School of Law; Atlanta International Arbitration Society; Miami Dade College of Law, Southern Illinoi University School of Law and Toledo University College of Law.

Our Service Charges

You will receive the schedule of the appointment via email after registration. 
For any additional query, please WhatsApp: +91-70416-32600 and necessary conditions apply in each service offered.